The Tell-Tale Lexus: Realtor on Realtor Crime

Keep your eyes peeled for a blonde with a big bouffant in a Lexus, suspected of stealing staging items out of vacant homes.

In a perfect case of “it takes one to know one,” a realtor suspects another realtor, one sporting a blonde bouffant, of breaking into two Fremont houses for sale in an attempt to steal items used to gussy up the homes for prospective buyers, according to the Seattle Police Department.

On Aug. 2, the realtor stopped by a house in the 3800 block of Woodlawn Avenue North she is in the process of selling for its owners. The backdoor was unlocked, and a rear window was open.

The realtor noticed two decorative glass containers and two decorative vases had been moved, two bottles of water had been taken from the fridge and placed in the bathroom, and the key to the garage was missing, according to the police report.

The realtor then went to check on a house in the 3600 block of Carr Place North she had recently sold for the owners. The front door was ajar, and the backdoor was unlocked.

Inside, a number of times used for “staging” for-sale houses had been collected and placed together in the basement, according to the report.

While the realtor waited in her car for police, she saw a silver Lexus driven by a pudgy woman in her 50s with a poofy, blonde bouffant pull into the driveway, according to the report. The realtor told police the woman in the Lexus saw her and immediately backed out of the driveway and drove off.

For a number of reasons, the realtor suspects the woman with the bouffant is another realtor and is behind the break-ins.

Police: Realtor suspects another realtor in break-ins
from KOMO News

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Real Estate Gal
  1. Sometimes I am amazed at the stupidity of people. I mean the items that may have been stolen could never compare to the amount of money to be made from performing some back to the basic work such as farming or working FSBOs & Expireds. And it is not that hard to be successful in real estate if you are willing to put your clients first and work the long hours it takes.

  2. News or stories like this just make me sad. That woman who is also said to be a realtor just downgraded the reputation of every real estate agent’s reputation.

  3. Big blond bouffant? Is she sure it was a Lexus? Hmmm, you say they were looking for staging stuff? Hmmm…

    OK, the stuff was piled in the basement. I don’t know, but I think a truck might be in order.

    In that area, and over through View Ridge there are some break ins. I go to the community meetings, and we have discussed that it is probably High School aged kids.

    Last year a guy was arrested, and some items returned. The speculation was that he may have recruited kids as look outs, or helpers.

    It is kind of odd that a Realtor would suspect another Realtor.

  4. Very bizarre story if it is in fact true. Sad that the lady with the bouffant would steal items that are probably not even worth that much. Why risk your career like that?

  5. I can’t believe how stupid people are.

  6. Interesting post Marlow. It is sad indeed and how it would affect the reputation of all agents.

  7. That’s kinda crazy. All for a few petty items like a vase? I’ve always thought there were a few realtors out there with a screw loose.


  8. Sounds like there may be some history between these two. Would like to hear the full story.

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