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Has Advanced Access jumped the shark?


I’ve had an Advanced Access website for 10 years and was very happy with it the first 5 or so, until the company was sold to Dominion. Since then, Customer Service is a disservice and the product continues to suffer.

They’ve had periodic outages almost every month, and this last week, they’ve announced several “down times” late at night to relocate their data center, but this weekend, the sites are out without explanation, we have no access to our “Virtual Office” to make needed updates and changes to our listings for our Open Houses on the weekend and no one is replying to emails and “Online Chat” is closed.

Most customers use their email forwarding service and that’s also been down for several days, with many of the customers unable to receive any emails at all and, to add insult to injury, no one is in the office and you can’t even call on the telephone and leave a message because the mailbox is FULL.

Obviously, their IT guys should have foreseen this and worked overtime or at least added some personnel to answer the phones on the weekend, but they didn’t. Calls and emails go unanswered and 1000’s of agents websites are unable to be edited and 1000’s more are unreachable via email.

I thought maybe I was the only disgruntled AA website owner, but I found pleny of other unhappy customers (soon to be ex-customers, I’m guessing.)

Advanced Access Sucks