Seattle’s Greenest Real Estate Broker

The Apothecary, a medicinal marijuana shop opened recently on Capitol Hill in Seattle, is billed as the pioneer of Capitol Hill’s new era pot dispensaries, one of many that have moved to the Seattle area in response to more lenient federal enforcement and some gray areas in state law.

While many consider these entrepreneurs who open these stores to be taking chances and perhaps flouting local laws, owner Cass Stewart sees his new endeavor as a public service, helping to provide medical marijuana to people who need it.

What’s of particular interest to me is Cass’s other job, that of real estate broker here in the Seattle area.

When asked how he had come to open this kind of business, Cass said he had been a legal, authorized patient himself, and he wanted to help others in a similar situation.
He was ready for a life change and so with that in mind, he quit working at Windermere’s Mt. Baker office, where he’d been for 10 years, and moved to Coldwell Banker Danforth, and then set about opening his pot shop on Capitol Hill at 210 Broadway Ave. E., right above the Castle Superstore.

Some interpret the voter-approved Medical Use of Marijuana Act to allow a patient to grow up to 15 plants and possess up to 24 ounces of dried pot, and that patient can designate one person as their grower or provider. But no provision exists to run a dispensary, so if the law wanted to come down on Cass and others like him, they could.

Would Cass then be subject to federal prosecution and then also lose his real estate license? When asked why he decided to take a chance with this new kind of business, Cass said he’s been through the stock bubble, the tech bubble, and the real estate bubble. Maybe now Cass and many like him, are seeing the first of a green bubble.

Says Cass, “I have considered myself a entrepreneur my whole life and have been involved in various ventures. I’m still active in real estate, my wife and I are both agents and she is driving the real estate business currently. Not all of my clients are aware of my new venture but most have been enthusiastically supportive. I have always been very supportive of this movement and firmly believe in patient rights to safe access.”

As Cass says, “I’m probably the greenest real estate agent in town!”

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