Seattle Real Estate Bar Camp

The name “BarCamp” is a reference to the events origin, with reference to the hacker term, foobar: BarCamp arose as a spin-off of Foo Camp, an annual attendant-driven conference hosted by Tim O’Reilly.

The ideas were absconded by and riffed upon by techies in the real estate field and Real Estate Bar Camp was born.

The most interesting thing about it is that it’s user/attendant created: the program is developed by the attendees at the event, using big whiteboards upon which a schedule is hastily put together, that can be rewritten or overwritten by attendees to optimize the days events. The goal is to reach out to new people who will increase the common intelligence about new technologies, and to create opportunities for cross-fertilization between people and new ideas.

How cool is that?

Seattle’s event was held at the lovely Zillow offices and a big shout-out and thank you goes to the management who allowed us to use their vacant offices for the event.

I enjoyed seminars on blogging, creating dynamic websites, Twitter and other social networking sites, something from Greg Swann called Scenius, a great presentation by Mike Simondson from Altos Research, and another about Active Rain from Rich Jacobson. I met the fellow behind, which is a great way to rate the walkability of a neighborhood.

Rhonda Porter and Jim Reppond
Rhonda Porter and Jim Reppond

Greg Swann
Greg Swann

David Gibbons
David Gibbons

Whitney Tyner
Whitney Tyner

Rich Barton
Rich Barton

Jim, Lloyd Frink & Spencer Rascoff
Jim, Lloyd Frink & Spencer Rascoff

I got to listen to statistician Stan Humphries discuss Zillow’s data. I had a nice chat with Rhonda Porter and I guess Ardell was there, but I missed her somehow. I enjoyed seeing David Gibbons again and hearing about his roundabout journey to Zillow. I also got to meet a lot of the brains behind Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, and had a beer with my friend Whitney Tyner at the after-party beer blast that Zillow hosted in their 46th floor office suites.

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Real Estate Gal
  1. Hi Marlow,

    Sorry I missed you. I was only there for a few sessions on Friday morning. Popped in to meet Gregg Swann and Courtney Cooper.

    We received some devastating news that my daughter’s husband was called back to Afghanistan. We thought he was home for good, as he had served two tours, the second one extended. They just had their first baby, Savannah Jane, on January 8th. The FedEx with orders for Peter to return on April 5th for over a year longer was quite a surprise.

    So I popped in and out on Friday morning and spent the rest of the time with my daughter over in Redmond.

    I had a great conversation with a guy from the media about how they are extracting news from blogs these days. They no long ask permission to lift things from a blog and turn it into a print story, as I found out with the piece Aubrey Cohen did on my “bottom call”.

    I did speak with Aubrey a few minutes before he hit “publish”, but it was obvious he was going to print it whether he could reach me in time or not.

    How the world gets its news is changing, and in this economy, finding news in blogs and on Twitter seems to be a cost cutting method for the world of journalism.

    Again, sorry I missed you.

  2. Hey Marlow,

    It was a pleasure to meet you and spend a little time chatting. Thanks for covering the event here. It was an event well worth attending.

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot. And I met BRAD COY!

    Ardell, I really wanted to talk to you about that Cohen article. OMG. I’ll say a prayer for your son-in-law.

  4. It sure was a great event, huh?

    Packed with truly knowledgeable, generous people sharing valuable skills and information.

    Good times had by all!

  5. Marlow, it was nice to spend some time with you and to meet so many wonderful real estate/mortgage people. Seattle RE Bar Camp ROCKED…I’m considering going to Portland’s RE Bar Camp in April.

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