Rogue Taxidermy

Pacific Galleries is having an auction of traditional taxidermy and sideshow items such as a giant skull gaff, which is a man-made object made for a freekshow, meant to imitate a mysterious find from the natural world.

* Note: Washington State ID is required to purchase some of these items, and they must not cross state lines after purchase!

Taxidermy: “Spot”, a two-headed calf which lived for six weeks on a farm in Auburn, WA in the 1930′s:
Tw0-headed calf

Sideshow Item: Counterfeit Shrunken Head in case, under a glass dome, made from monkey skin.
Sideshow shrunken head

Rogue Taxidermy: Whimsy the “Great Horned Swamp Ape”, a man-made example using party of different animals to construct a mythical character. Looks like it’s made out of deer butt.
Rogue Taxidermy

Stuffed giraffe head (uh.. and neck), shoulder mounted speciman “harvested” late 20th century. Who would buy this?
Stuffed giraffe

Two-headed racoon sideshow gaff.
Two-headed racoon

“Tasmanian Werewolf” gaff. This piece of rogue taxidermy was likely assembled in the second quarter of the 20th century.
Tasmanian Werewolf Gaff

This was so large and impressive in real-life, it kinda makes me sad…
Stuffed elephant

And here’s the poor guy’s feet!
Elephant Feet

Who owned all this stuff? What did their house look like???
Wall of heads

Couldn’t make the auction? Have a burning desire to own a dried turkey head, punk-rock squirrel, a boar hear under glass or Mummified Magic Mystery Hand Box? Check out Custom Creature Taxidermy.

Dead Squirrel

Wanna Mouse Torso, Evil Eye, or Exploding Frog? Liquid Fish

Evil Eye

How about an Aligator Boy, 3-Clawed Scorpion or a Baby Dragon? Fiendish Curiosities

Dead Kitten

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