Microsoft announces new Photosynth iPhone app to create panoramic photos and tours on the go

Photosynth is a great tool designed to create 3D “experiences” and panoramas, and has always had great potential for real estate marketing, in addition to the travel industry and for anyone else intellectually curious about the world around them. By taking a series of fully-comprehensive photos, the user/creator can use Photosynth to “stitch” these photos together to create a unique and interactive tour of the subject, be it a museum, a travel destination or a house for sale.

Microsoft and the Photosynth team annouced this week that they have released a new iPhone app that can create a tour on the go, and it can create full panoramas from a series of individual photos that you snap with your device’s camera.

Compatible with the iPhone 3Gs and 4, the iPad 2, and the iPod Touch 4G, Photosynth is simple to use. You just point your device at the subject and tap the screen to snap the first photo. The app then prompts you to position your device to take the next shot. You can then either tap the screen to shoot again or wait for the app to automatically snap the next photo. You keep doing this until you’ve captured the full panorama of shots to include.

Head engineer and architect Blaise Aguera y Arcas explains the new release on video. He’s the guy that did that TED talk that people are still raving about, and I’m sure he’s got more cool things coming up in the pipeline. He’s been shooting dozens of new Photosynth’s around town that he’s posting on his FB page.

Today, I made my own Photosynth of a listing I have for sale on Capitol Hill. It’s only 87% synthy, and next time I’ll shoot higher and lower to get a more dynamic tour of the main rooms, but it’s a good start and is much better than the video I made

324 17th Avenue East, Seattle WA 98112

Others involved in real estate also have applause for this new app. Lani Rosales at Agent Genius says,

We’ve shown you a tool for panoramic videos and the new Photosynth app has major implications in the real estate world – can you say “virtual tours made in seconds” on the go? What once took an expert professionals hours to create can be stitched on a smartphone in seconds and shared on Facebook.

Realtors can upload their Photosynth images to Bing maps and even be alongside business search results!!! Even listings can be Photosynthed and put on Bing maps. If you thought Bing traffic surge was impressive as of last week, it’s about to get even better… Microsoft isn’t playing around, they’re serious about Bing.

My husband and I were excited to participate in the first launch of Photosynth by lending our house for an interior shoot for a commercial starring Laura Foy for Microsoft and Channel 9 TV.

During the shoot, Group Program Manager David Gedye, shot a wonderful and professional Photosynth of the interior of the main floor of our home. And if you look very carefully, you’ll find Jodavid and I, an Easter Egg for Easter weekend…..

David’s synth is, of course, 100% synthy.

Photosynth mobile app has epic implications for real estate

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  1. I’ve been using Photosynth for a few years now and add these to our IDX feed. Sellers are blown away, and I get calls from buyers thanking me for the interactive tools and wondering why more agents don’t use these.

  2. Photographers are charging $200+ for these virtual tours and I’m going to try Photosynth. I’m just wondering, will buyers using older computers be able to view the Photosynth’s without downloading incompatible software? Not everyone has the latest computer and some people are still using Vista and Xp….

  3. I think your computer has to have Silverlight installed.

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  6. Try out to create the tours you showed above. That program uploads to photosynth as well and seems to be what the iPhone app is based on.

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  10. This is a great tool for agents and has saved me a ton of money… Great post

  11. Pretty cool. I’m going to check it out. Not sure my MLS can display it properly. Can see it being a big money saver though.

  12. Great info, I am always on the lookout for any tools that help my business

  13. Thanks for the post, technology is advancing so fast that its hard to stay current

  14. This is very cool. I will have to try this app out. The photosynth website also provides a download for your windows desktop.

  15. An excellent post on Photosynth and a great tool for tech savvy agents. It certainly enhances the buyers’ experience when looking for and at properties. A very cool tool.

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