Real Estate Gal
  1. Behold our Future Brokers! They are Super entertaining!

  2. I love the ambitions for their dream homes! 🙂 “Made out of legos” is my favorite. 😉 If only we could keep our child-like ambitions, we’d be unstoppable! Really cute vid!

  3. Wow! they are pretty smart kids. I think i will introduce my 1 year old to real estate and be business-minded too (hehehe) . The younger they learn the better!

  4. Those kids are great! Honestly when I was a kid I had no interest on this (real estate) topic.

  5. Great kids. Like the video.

  6. LOL. “This side will be purple . This side will be blue” :)) Nice watch

  7. nice video the kids were so entertaining

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