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Windermere Real Estate partners with

Windermere Porch

Windermere’s president OB Jacobi recently announced that Winderemere Real Estate is launching a partnership with, a free online home improvement network. In short, Porch helps homeowners make smart home improvement decisions by connecting them with the information and services they need to manage their home. Porch also creates a “Home Report” that shows a home’s individual renovation history, neighborhood stats, and listing history. And that’s where Windermere comes in.

Now, listing on and on Windermere Agent Websites will feature a new link to “Renovation History” (if the home is less than two years old, the link will read “Improvement History”). When buyers click on this link they’re asked to submit some basic contact information to unlock the report. Once this is complete, the buyer is sent to a Windermere/Porch co-branded home report page that includes comprehensive details and data about the history and value of the home, and surrounding neighborhood. Porch gathers this information from a multitude of resources, providing buyers with an in-depth look at prospective homes.

If a buyer requests additional information about a listing’s renovation/improvement history, that’s likely a strong indication of their interest in that home. In order to capture those buyers, they’ve created a lead generation component to the Porch Home Report. When a buyer enters their contact information to unlock the Home Report, those details and the corresponding report are emailed to the listing agent (does not apply to non-Windermere listings). If the buyer is associated with a specific Windermere agent through a MyWindermere account, that agent receives the lead in place of the listing agent..

Lead Generation on Windermere Agent Websites
Similar process to except all lead generation information is sent to the agent whose website the buyer is searching on, regardless of who the listing agent is or whether or not it’s a Windermere listing. The only exception to this is if the buyer is already associated with a different agent through their MyWindermere account. The associated agent will always receive the lead regardless of where the buyer is searching.

Agent Benefit
The new Porch Home Report provides agents with an additional source for quality leads. It is safe to say that if a buyer requests a home’s renovation history, they are likely interested in that home and might be in need of an agent. It also improves the consumer experience when a buyer is using a Windermere Agent Website to search for a home.

Consumer Benefit
The addition of the Porch Home Report is similar to other features added to, like Walk Score and INRIX Drive Time, which are intended to help buyers search smarter. Buyers are interested in a home’s history, and now Windermere is providing them with that information without having to visit multiple websites, and while remaining connected to

Stretching the boundaries….

This aired the same day I got my new iMac. I had to load Fusion on there to run Windows too so I could use the MLS and update my website, neither of which worked with the Apple OS. I had Office for Mac, but then I discovered that my spellcheck wouldn’t work without Office for Windows too, so that’s more software I have to download (my old Office for Windows disc says it’s good for 3 computers, so why can’t I get this new one to recognize the disc? Geez.) This is about as clumsy as, well as………

Watch next Monday to see if Steve gets voted off the show….

Virtual Realty: The Online Real Estate Detente

How did Seattle become the home for technology companies that want to help you buy or sell … a home? Sure, it’s where Microsoft and Amazon are based, and it’s a well-educated, tech-savvy community, and the University of Washington churns out more than its share of software engineers.

But why real estate?

A lot of really smart people read that real estate was a multi-billion dollar business and they wanted a piece of the pie. They figured that even a tiny slice was probably worth millions.

But what they didn’t understand was that the oft-quoted “multi-billion dollar business” was based on the total value of all of the real estate involved, not how much money one could make from buying or selling it, which was just a small percentage of each sale.

A big miscalculation.

Virtual Realty: The Online Real Estate Detente