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Banned by Facebook for having too many of the wrong friends?

Jim Calabrese, owner of NY firm Real Estate Signs has been banned from Facebook for having too many friends that had the same characteristics, i.e. REALTORS. Apparently, according to FB, this is in an indication of spam, spamming or potential to spam.

His supporters say that Jim sent out messages to friends and customers such as:

“Dear Sally, Thanks for the sign order! You can reach out to me here on Facebook if there is any thing you need. Sincerely, Jim Calabrese”.

Those kind of notes to people (sending several in one day) and a few other activities (including making too many friends “who share similar physical characteristics”) may get you banned too.

You get what you pay for and one would be unwise to depend too heavily on FB or other social networking sites, paid or free. We’ve already seen them publish our wish lists, sell our demographics to advertisers and ban photos they deem inappropriate, such as new Moms nursing their babies. And while I’m at it, I think it prudent to mention that I hope you’re not saving all your photos to Flickr or videos to YouTube. I mean, you have copies saved on an external harddrive too, right? While unlikely, you never know when a server will go down or a company out of business, so better safe than sorry.