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Another reason to hate those granite countertops

Granite Countertops

Is it possible that the radon levels in granite counters is so high as to make them dangerous? That’s what is suggested in a recent article in the New York Times, noting that some types of granite hold harmful levels of uranium and should be removed.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been told we have a hard level of bedrock that makes exposure to radon unlikely. However, with the threat of radon exposure coming from inside the house instead of outside and underneath, I guess I’l be suggesting that home buyers get a radon test.

I think in a few years, we’ll be looking at granite counters as the equivalent of pink and tourquise tiles or harvest gold and avocado green appliances. They will be horribly dated and will be ripped out wholesale by homeowners. If one has a vintage home, a material of the period would be more inline with the home style. If one has a modern home, there are plenty of other materials that would be more suitable, less dangerous and don’t involve strip-mining to use.

“Model Standards and Techniques for Control of Radon in New Residential Buildings”

NCI Analysis of Home Radon Studies

Sin In Linen

Sin in Linen Seattle 1
“Sandy Glaze spent months coaxing skeptical manufacturers to produce fabric printed with racy blond pinups for her one-woman operation, Sin in Linen.

So when factory managers in Alabama with “good Christian” employees saw the sexy fabric and refused to sew it into sheets, the persistent Glaze armed herself.

She took a book on pinup history to Alabama and assured factory managers that the pinup was an art form even featured on bombers in World War II.

Her fledgling bedding company was “flirty … not dirty,” she told them. She argued they were practically supporting today’s troops by making sheets with links to the military. They made her sheets.”

Sin in Linen from The Seattle Times, by Nicole Tsong