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Wall Weasels

Wallace the Wall Weasel

Zillow Blog had a cute story about Rats on a Fence (vs Snakes on a Plane….). Well, I had another rodent problem just a few weeks ago. We thought we had Squirrels in the Attic. Jack, age 10, pronounced the critters “wall weasels”. Upon further investigation, we found opposums! They were living in the attic of our house on Capitol Hill. They would climb the tree by the side of the house and walk across the roof to enter the attic. Before we sealed the hole. Sweet creatures, but we’re kind of glad they’re gone……!

Beating the high cost of energy

Spinach House

The winning entry in the Cradle to Cradle C2C Home Competition is an incredible single family dwelling that runs on a spinach. It utilizes a protein with a super-conductive photosynthetic plasma cell skin that is able to generate 200% more electrical voltage per area than contemporary photovoltaics.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is collected and returned. This design utilizes timeless passive solar strategies by shielding unwanted summer sun and absorbing heat from low winter sun through its thermal mass. Active solar collection provides the main source of necessary electrical energy. Building on current research involving extracted spinach protein, this living skin is photosynthetic and phototropic it grows and follows the path of the sun, generating electricity in excess of single family needs. excess power is distributed to neighboring homes and street lighting infrastructure.

Cradle to cradle

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