Best real estate marketing video ever?

Cool time-lapse photography make this video of a home in the Bay area stand head and shoulders above other home marketing videos I’ve seen. Made by Tom McCallum of the production company, The Seventh Movement.

Website: 92SandHill

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Real Estate Gal
  1. […] of a Marketing Video for 92 Sandhill Road Posted on August 28, 2011 by Drew Meyers I agree with Marlow — this is a great example of a real estate marketing video (for 92 Sandhill Road). […]

  2. I like the time elapse a lot, however it could be used better to tell the story of the home. felt like it was just added. also the picture from inside the pool did not add value in my opinion. Also the car was interesting however the second part of the drive did not add to the story. I thought the shot of the home from the air was helpful to understand the home better. Creative but not the best home video ever

  3. Loved the video, I also use Vimeo

  4. I love this video. It makes you wish you were there.

  5. Beautiful video. The question is, will it sell the home?

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