I live in Seattle, Washington (USA) and it’s lovely and alpine and always green here. We have pine trees and evergreens and I have a giant sequoia tree that is over a 100 years old. I look at it every day.

I am a real estate consultant and salesperson, with an art and architecture background. Real estate, art and architecture are my passions. I love my home, and the idea of home and all that it stands for. I love American popular culture and I take great pleasure in the absurdities of the human condition.

Seattle is on the Pacific Rim, the Ring of Fire, dominated by active volcanos and earthquakes. The first thing I see each morning are the Cascades Mountains, created when the earth was young, by volcanic geologic forces. The sun sets over the Olympic Mountain range. The Olympics are the setting for the U.S.’s only temperate rain forest, the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. Unlike tropical rain forests, this temperate one is cold in the winter and dripping with moss.

I’ve traveled around the world, but my heart is here, in the Pacific Northwest.

If you want to know more about Seattle Real Estate, historic, unique or luxury homes, Googie, novelty or vernacular architecture, me, or just search homes for sale in and around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, please see my webpage www.SeattleDreamHomes.com. I also moderate a real estate blog for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Seattle Real Estate Professionals, combine my love of unusual homes with technology on Unusual Life and have a Seattle arts and entertainment site called Seattle Twist.

I also curate the Official Bad Art Museum of Art and author the following blogs and websites:

Seattle Fine Living blog
Northwest Modern Homes
Seattle Dream Living
Northwest Green Living
Seattle Urban Condo

If you want to buy or sell some real estate or are interested in advertising opportunities on this website, please call me at 206-329-3795, or you can email me at Marlow@SeattleDreamHomes.com



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