1. Barbie

    I’m LOLing while watching this video. Way too cool. LOL. I’ve watched a video somewhere of a couple who made a music video about Bank of America that closed their loan. This one is cooler!

  2. Dianne Valdez

    LOL. “They’re giving loans to monkeys now.” With the strict procedure banks implement these days, you can hardly get a loan for your house. What with the down economy and the fluctuating real estate market.

  3. Darby Leitten

    I was attempting to find your particular Facebook page so I can like it as I have appreciated looking at your site! Thanks again

  4. Anita Austen

    Real estate world is one big universe, filled with challenges and all the dynamics of business life! This crediting market and all the RE nook and crannies have boggled my mind always !!!

    This video is awesome :) I mean, i really felt that ‘yes! this is all RE market is all about and filled with’

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  5. Precious Silva

    Pumped Up Kicks has always been a good song but this made it even better – never knew Foster the People can go well with real estate LOL. Definitely a refreshing take on home buying…”all the cool kids wants to buy a home.” :D

  6. Lynne

    LoL real estate agents can relate and I bet they will laugh when they hear this song. Nice composition it sounds good.

  7. Mia Frandsen

    This is just so cool! LOL! and so creative! This is a good and entertaining strategy in real estate marketing. Agents are surely making a video like this already. Haha. And I should also make one for my marketing strategy forDestin Homes for sale. Thanks for this brilliant idea!

  8. Mischa Clayton

    Great piece of work!This nice composition made the somehow trivial real estate subject lighter.Yes,indeed! “Buyers have a reason..a reason to look for a house or a home!”Thanks for posting Marlow!

  9. Valerie

    Nice work! :) Didn’t expect Foster the People to explain the real estate market and its underlying issues in a lighter and refreshing way. This should be able to momentarily take away the stress while still emphasizing what’s happening out there. Great job!

  10. Patricia

    Very cool! My head’s still slightly bangin in the air while writing this. Music draw attention better than anything and i really like the line “all the cool kids wants to buy a home from..” Impressive idea Marlow. Well done.

  11. Marlow Harris

    It’s a song called “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, and a friend of mine made a parody of it for me. I love it, but my kids are mortified!

  12. Lisa Johnson

    Am I cool enough? I need house in a better school zone, does that make me uncool?

    Augie’s favorite song is Pumped up Kicks…I love the remix.

  13. John Slocum

    Very Nice! You must have taken Jackie Leavenworth’s CRS 202 class. She told us we learn some things better if it is in a song!

  14. Claire

    Cool marketing tactic! It is always good to add humor and creativity in real estate marketing especially in an down economy. Watch this video and certainly you will have a good laugh!

  15. Dana

    I have to agree with you Claire. When you say real estate, people are imagined to be in suits and an unsmiling face.

  16. Janet

    Foster the People looks cooler in this video. I have to LOL. Of all things to spoof why real estate? You sure know how to play with irony.

  17. Lucie Hauri

    I saw the video and it is really interesting what you said there. It is nice how we can combine the music and the real estate

  18. Olga

    That is soooo funny. I’m loving Foster the People more. This is how to make real estate fun.

  19. Thomas

    Hilarious! This might affect the way the world views real estate agents! I showed this video to all the agents that work in my Boise office, needless to say, it cracked everyone up!

  20. Tim

    Hahahaha, I had the original Foster the People song playing in iTunes when I came to this video. Now I’ll have two versions stuck in my head all day.

  21. Clyde Anderson

    This is just awesome! lol! What a creative strategy to market real estate. And this is a unique perspective I think on how you can combine the power of music to real estate. Will surely try this out as a realtor in Calgary

  22. Diane Caster

    Wow! This is great entertaining way to market real estate. And I totally love the video. Funny and appealing! This actually served as a challenge for me to get my creative juices flowing as well so I can make my real estate marketing techniques fun and unique.