Foreclosure lawyers dress as foreclosure victims and homeless for Halloween

The law offices of Steven J. Baum, a firm that specializes in foreclosures and is under investigation by the NY Attorney Generals office, had a Halloween party and the New York Times has published a series of photos that shows the costumes: people dressed as the new homeless. Wow.

What the Costumes Reveal in New York Times by Joe Nocera

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  1. David Losh

    This is a great article that should be more widely circulated.

    The same as Seattle lagged the rest of the country in the run up to Real Estate prices, foreclosure awareness has been slow to hit here. We don’t see the broad foreclosure picture as a loss of over all equity.

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  3. Kindersley Real Estate

    Great article. Shows a pathetic lack of compassion for those who bought at the wrong time or suffered other misfortunes and as a result lost their home. Very sad.

  4. Sanford Shore

    Pretty disgusting but, I suppose, not all that unexpected from a firm whose business (and income) comes from the big financial companies and is tied to trouncing on the disadvantaged. They should try to find new homes (rentals, obviously) for these people. After all, they have to live somewhere. They might then begin to understand the damage they do to people. It’s not about the house, it’s about their lives.

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  7. Nancy

    I sure can agree with comment number two here. It is certainly pathetic regarding the lack of compassion and sympathy and help for so many folks who have lost their homes. Many of these people are single women, single parents and seniors. How sad. Let us all pray for positive change.

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