Kendra Todd in the house

A couple weeks ago on one of my afternoon walks I happened upon this For Sale sign:

The sign was on an older house, run-down, with bad gutters and a mossy roof. (It could probably use some new aluminum siding too.)

Oh! And then I remembered this:


Kendra Todd has left Florida and was moving to Seattle and joining Keller Williams.

Then yesterday I received this notice of a REO/Shortsale Panel talk featuring, who else but Kendra Todd:


I don’t know Kendra, but she sounds like a busy gal. Her website for Keller Williams, the Kendra Todd Group, is under construction, but her other personal websites are up and appear up to date. She doesn’t seem to have any active listings right now, but perhaps she’s just hanging her license at Keller Williams and not actively working there. I gave her a call and haven’t heard back yet, but wanted to get this posted in case anyone wanted to attend her panel discussion tomorrow.

She’s currently the host of “My House is Worth What?” on HGTV, a show that I was on a few years ago when I was asked to talk about an unusual in-city home built by artist James Nowak.

She has two other websites, and The .com website lists dozens of personal appearances, so I doubt she really sells real estate herself. According to a Keller Williams press release, she joined the Keller Williams Realty Greater Seattle market center as the head of their Luxury Homes Division, so perhaps she just lends her name to the group.

Kendra, call us! Let us know what you’re up to in Seattle!

(Ok, Kendra called. She said she was living in Florida and is filming “My House Is Worth What?” on the West Coast and was tired of spending all of her time on an airplane. She didn’t want to live in California, so came to Seattle and fell in love with the place, so she moved her a few months ago.

She said her Kendra Todd Group website will be up and running soon and they’ll be launching a new proprietary home search solution
catering to the sophisticated and tech-savvy Seattle buyer and she’ll be expanding her business here while still filming for HGTV and making personal appearances around the country. You go girl!)

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  1. David Losh

    “Kendra Todd has left Florida and was moving to Seattle and joining Keller Williams.”

    Kendra Todd, like Marlow Harris, is a brand name. More clearly, are people hiring Kendra Todd or Keller Williams?

    It’s the same for Coldwell Banker, or Windermere. When I ask my clients who the Real Estate agents is going to be, most people say Windermere. I have to ask a second question to get the name of the agent. People associate the company with the agent.

    So if some one hires Coldwell Banker will they get Marlow Harris? When people hire Windermere, are they getting the guy who has been delivering pumpkins in your neighborhood for twenty years, or the guy who just started last year?

    There are great agents, or personalities, in every company. Every agent has a web site, a mailer, a promotion campaign, and yet there are probably only 100 agents in all of Seattle that have the expertise to do a deal.

    I just sat in an office for a year, on the telephone, with twenty other agents who were all calling the same expired listings. Then there are twenty other agents in twenty other offices all doing the same thing.

    Why not just pick a personality and form a consortium around them? Why duplicate efforts hundreds of times for the benefit of the Brokerage?

  2. Marlow Harris

    Thanks, David. I do believe that we all have a personal brand, even if we don’t consciously articulate it. Kendra Todd has done a stellar job in marketing herself, first from getting herself on The Apprentice and then winning it. From there, the sky’s the limit for her.

    Have you read that Stedman Graham book, “Build Your Own Life Brand”? It’s really a wonderful book and I highly recommend it:

    I think I’ll add that book to my sidebar.

  3. Leanne Finlay

    Hmmm. Or maybe not. I just looked her up to confirm, and it’s not the Stacey I was thinking of! :-)


    Banks are not our friends, but discarding personal responsibility altogeather?

    Why not? After all, past is prologue

    More government involvement is essential, not less. The lending fiasco has only proven once again, that the greatest danger to our own economic stability isn’t OPEC or Iraq, but ourselves.