Too cheap to stage a listing?


GIS Virtual has just the solution for those too cheap or too broke to stage their listings. They are a digital visualization company that will virtually “stage” your listing with computer-generated drawings and animations. It looks good on the interweb. Of course, buyers may be a little disappointed when they show up to see the beautiful home that now shows vacant.

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  1. Lisa Lewis

    It would be disappointing to see a photo that’s engaging and then go to a showing which looks quite different. Homes that are completely vacant can leave too much to the imagination. Visit one that appeared staged on the web and shows vacant might sweep buyer trust away. What do you think?

  2. Marlow Harris

    Yeah, not a good idea. Animations may be ok for spec homes or unbuilt developments though, where the place they’re “staging” doesn’t even exist yet.

  3. Jennifer McHarg

    If you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, they’re not going to be pleased to have high hopes for a listing they’ve seen online and then find an empty home when they’re at the front door. I agree that it would be good for spec homes or for builders to showcase models, but for an individual seller, I think the cons outweigh the pros…at least for homes for sale Wilson NC.