Real estate broker starts online newspaper

Chuck Marunde, a real estate broker and ex-real estate attorney in Sequim, Washington, has started his own online newspaper the Sequim Port Angeles Newspaper Online.

It seems to be a home-grown mix of local, regional and national news, politics, events of interest and local photos, and welcomes input and submissions from area residents. It does have ads and classifieds but, oddly enough, the only real estate brokerage advertised is Marunde’s own brokerage, Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate.

The site it beautifully done and will no doubt bring him attention and success if he can keep it fresh and updated and relevant to the people in the area. He’s turned the idea of a neighborhood blog on it’s ear by making the new media “blog” into something more like an old-fashioned newspaper, so the format is accessible and readily understandable to everyone. Great idea for anyone trying to stay in touch with their constituents and present and future clients.

N.B. Chuck has been a writer with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Real Estate Professionals column for the past few years and he said he hatched the idea prior to the Seattle PI’s closure. At the time, he wasn’t sure if the PI was going to try to stay an online newspaper, so his move was a reaction to that. The fact that it has stayed online hasn’t disuaded him, and I hope he will continue to write for both.

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  3. Marlow Harris

    Please make sure you send those links to us when you get your site up-and-running. It’s a great concept and goes one step beyond the blog for neighborhood relevency. Again, the challenge is keeping it fresh and updated.

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  7. Aaron

    I agree, if he keeps it updated it will attract readers, and if there are a lot of readers, other real estate firms will want to place ads. after which i’m sure individuals in the real estate business will follow — either to place ads or become his readership or future clients:)

  8. Richard Stabile Bergen County Real Estate

    It is a lot of work to do a venture like that. The main thing is to quickly get support, ads, backers and monetizing. Else the capital is not available to put in the content. Good, fresh running content is important and costs. Most newspapers traditional are making the transition to web. It sounds like fun, but cost money to run well.