1. Vicki Lloyd

    Great story! I have had many clients that have gone through that. It usually happens early in the buying process and they just aren’t really ready – maybe not emotionally ready to jump, or haven’t been fully financially qualified, or thinking that they will have time to sell their old home when they find “The Right One.”

    Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that we have to deal with!

  2. Joy Canova

    OMG. What a delightful piece.

    Vicki — I think you are dead-on when you attribute this to a lack of readiness.

    This lady was a dreamer, not a buyer.

  3. Landflip

    Just recently went through this sort of thing and it was awful! I think I really was depressed…it was in a great family neighborhood where many of our friends live. We did not act fast enough on the house! Hopefully there is something BIGGER and BETTER waiting for us!