On fire


I had written about my friends Jill and Tim, whose home was featured on the TV show “The Riches”.

This just in, horrifying photos taken from their patio of the hills and homes around their home, on fire.

Incredibly, their neighbor who is a firefighter, suggested that the best way to save their home would be to stay with it and try to fight it themselves with the garden hose. Which they did, successfully.

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  1. Marlow Harris

    If my neighborhood was on fire, documenting the drama would be low on my list of priorities, but I’m glad they did it. Jill said her neighbor, the fireman, told them to stay with the home and water down the house and grounds if safe to do so. He told them that the embers sometimes get lodged under the eaves, so they made sure to soak their roof and under the eaves and shingles so in case an errant ember got close, it wouldn’t take hold and spread.

    I just spoke to her yesterday and she said the winds have died down at her place, just N. of LA. They made it through the Northridge Earthquake too, with harrowing tales. I think I’d view this as a message from God that maybe it was time to go home to Seattle. We have earthquakes but, so far, we’re fire-free.