Alternative cooking methods for the busy real estate professional

Manifold Destiny

It’s going to be a hot day. You might have been showing houses to a difficult client or put out fires for a challenging escrow. You know you’re not going to want to go home and turn on the oven to cook. Make that hot car do double-duty.

Some chicken or salmon, maybe a few onions and peppers, wrap in foil, lodge on a flat service over the engine, perhaps around the valves. Use a clamp if you need to. A 30-45 minute drive oughta do it.

Here are step-by-step instructions: Cooking in your car by Instructables

A car’s interior can get as high as 160 degrees. You can bake cookies.

Cookies in the car

Don’t wash dishes by hand? Try cooking dinner in your automatic dishwasher. Dishwasher Salmon with cilantro sauce

Car Cooking: Step-by-step

Pot stickers using solar cooking

Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!

In-Car Coffee Makers

Note: If you need a cold one, the striker plate inside your car door can double as a bottle opener in a pinch.

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  1. Chris Dowell

    Cookies wouldn’t work in my household. By the time the dough was ready, the three cookie monsters in my house would have the dough gobbled up.

    Has anyone actually tried this?

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  3. Kansas City

    The cookies wouldn’t be in your lap if you stopped suddenly – only if you took off quickly. So this is a perfectly safe way of multi-tasking.