Offbeat America

Marlow and JoDavid in the Paint-By-Number Salon

Photo Credit: Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

I’ve reviewed this past week’s posts and I note that each one is about, well, me.

So, as not to break a run, I’ll make this one about me too.

This Sunday, January 28th at 6pm, we will be appearing on HGTV’s “Offbeat America“, exhibiting our large paint-by-number collection. (And you thought I was just a silly dilletante!) If you have Comcast Cable, that’s Channel 68.

Also, more in the vein of me, take a look at Dustin Luthers interview of moi, on Rain City Guide.

Next week, real estate. I promise.

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  1. Pat Kitano

    Wow Marlow, every fine picture in your last four posts tells a different story… Offbeat, Lithuanian Gypsies, Hoes and Elvis… like you have a photographer in your entourage!