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Mr. Ed.

I received an unusual request recently to help find a location for a new film based on a local true story about a man and his horse. Well, not his horse, someone else’s horse. You may have read this lovely little story in one of our fine local newspapers….. Horse case made into movie (The Seattle Times).

What kind of place are they looking for?

Independent film production is seeking the following for a shoot in
late July and early August.

-LARGE estate house
-horse stables

The stables we are seeking should ideally be in a remote area. The
horse farm should be very green or magical in its setting, and have
large open fields lined with split-rail fencing and possibly a silo.

We are also seeking a SMALLER RANCH HOUSE (one story),
though not necessarily on the same property. Ideally,
it should be furnished and avaiable for some interior
shooting. The older and more lived in, the better.

A fee can be paid for the days of shooting. The production is fully
insured. Must have an appreciation for the arts. The director’s
last two films have played at the Sundance Film Festival.

The subject is controversial but the filmmakers are approaching
subject with great care and sensitivity.

If you are interested in more info, please contact me

Feel free to send photos as well.

I am so flattered that they thought of me and asked me to assist! What were the thought processes that went into that, I wonder?

Anyway, Elisa also sent a photo of the kind of property they were looking for, so if you know of anyone who owns a farm and wants it immortalized in film history forever, please contact us.

Perfect farm for horse sex

Here’s more press about our local story soon-to-be-made-into-a-major-motion-picture:

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  2. Mary Lee

    Good evening Ms. Harris,

    I hope this note finds you doing very well. I ran a google search for websites leading me to information on equestrian activities/stables, etc. in the Sammamish region and was brought to this site. Maybe you can help?

    My husband has the option to a few different locations, Sammamish being one, and I wanted to run some research on the subject. I am a large horse lover and it’s a must for our move!

    Best Regards,

    Mary Lee