1. Sheridan Layman

    I don’t think the number of individuals with red or pitch black hair are disappering, I think more of those folical minorities are changing the color of their hair. We’ve seen this in hollywood too, more and more actresses are changing the color of their hair from red to another color. Just look at Lindsay Lohan – she’s changed from red to blonde to brunette and in her latest photoshoot I believe her hair was raven black.

    I wish more redheads would keep their beautiful hair the color it is, I think it’s enchanting.


  2. anne

    i’m from northern ireland so i see quite a few gingers about like. but i was in liverpool at the weekend and i finally realised how few gingers there actually is.

    i hate gingers in denial.. (gingers that dye their hair) its so annoyin is it that awful havin ginger hair? i know u get some slaggin for it but it deffinetly isnt that bad.

    i hate the way people tease u for bein ginger. i like my hair colour n people always tell me how much they like it but them same people still slag me.. it jus doesnt make sence!!:S

    i would never dye my hair..:D

  3. Tommy

    I have was born with bright orange ginger hair, but its turned to a darker red in my teens. I live in california and its funny because i get compliments all the time as well as rude comments such as “ginger”! or fire crotch. Its awful! So i died my hair to strawberry blonde last year but its grown back and i have my natural color. Its so special to be blessed with natural red.

  4. Laura

    i hate how people r always dissing red heads. there is nuthin rong wit them
    i am one of the red heads whos hair changes wit the season. orange in the summer and a darker ginger in the winter.
    there will always b haters and we just hav to deal wit it